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Why wait until bulimia takes over the rest of your life…

“Discover Little Known Secrets How To
Overcome Bulimia And Start Your Pathway
To Happy And Healthy Life Today!”


If you are bulimic or if you love somebody who suffers from bulimia
then you understand the deep pain bulimia causes…
The fact is that bulimia won’t disappear from your life
until you take an action…

Dear Friend:

Welcome to Bulimia Secrets Website.

My name is Kate Walsh. I have started this website as a free resource for every bulimia sufferer who wants to recover from this terrible and very complex disease. If you are depressed or suffer alone, terrified that your secretive problem may be downplayed, keep reading.

Here, on my website, you will find a number of resources to help you in understanding and overcoming your bulimia – even if you are not willing to tell anyone that you are bulimic. Feel free to browse the links on this site and to sign up to my FREE “Bulimia Secrets” Email Course.

There is many misleading information about bulimia everywhere. I’ve put together my FREE “Bulimia Secrets” Email Course to give you the correct resources you need. With a good understanding of yourself and bulimia mechanisms, with the right approach to your recovery, you will be able to start your new life with a confidence of your self-worth and beautiful body. I share with you information you can use immediately to make this change happen to you much easier and quicker.


In My FREE “Bulimia Secrets” You Will Learn…

  • 2 scientific facts why you can’t just stop binging and purging when you want to. This information alone can change your unsuccessful attempts to stop bulimia into your happy recovery.
  • The number 1 and the most overlooked cause of bulimia.
  • What are deadly effects of bulimia and my sad bulimia story (I only share this through email)
  • A little known truth about purging – knowing this will make you really determined to cure!
  • 5 things you can start doing right now to begin your recovery today. No matter if you are bulimic for 3 months or for 30 years, these tips work!
  • What scientific process within yourself made you to become bulimic and how to reverse this process and free yourself from bulimia
  • What you should do when you have binging and purging episodes during your recovery. This method will help you to successfully fight with bulimia on a daily basis despite of relapses and setbacks.
  • 8 most common bulimia recovery stages with different difficulties they bring to sufferers. You will learn how you can defend yourself on every stage of your recovery process, so you will be able to avoid pitfalls that many bulimics fail to overcome.
  • And much, much more…


Deep inside you is everything you need to win your bulimia battle. You can be healthy, happy and sexy without bulimia. You can enjoy normal eating without gaining weight and feeling bloated! It takes courage and strength to fight against bulimia, but there are methods you can start using immediately to win this battle.

But… If you one of those how says:” What a fat ass I would be without my MIA!”, please don’t sign up. I am sorry, but you are not ready for this course yet; you might want to come back here when you will be desperate to free your life from bulimia.

Remember, bulimia won’t stop by itself – FORGET IT!!! It will only get worst and worst… So don’t wait any longer for a miracle and take the rest of your life in your hands.