Famous People Who Battled And Won Against Bulimia Nervosa

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Historically, across cultures, humans (and other animals) are known to engage in ritualized behaviors of  purging and regurgitation as methods of altering states of consciousness. — Leslie E. Korn Ph.D., MPH, LMHC, ACS, NTP

Bulimia Nervosa is a snake. This eating disorder creeps up on you and you’ll never realize how sick you really are until the symptoms are majorly affecting your life. It doesn’t pick its victims – this disorder hits kids, teens, adults, rich, poor, famous or the regular janes and joes. While some were lucky enough to overcome and mentally heal from this dangerous condition, there were some who perished due to this disorder.

Speaking of famous people who have experienced Bulimia Nervosa, they are very inspiring. It’s not easy to talk about a mental disorder such as this and to share their road to recovery is beyond amazing. Their voices can motivate those who are sick with this condition and push them to seek for intervention and help.

Let’s look at these celebrities who battled and won against bulimia nervosa. They are now living healthier lives and are grateful for it.


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She is a very powerful singer and a Disney teen actress, at one point, who starred in the movie “Camp Rock” with the Jonas Brothers. It’s Demi Lovato – a beautiful person who suffered from two eating disorders at a very young age – bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. She went to a treatment facility and met with therapists to overcome her body image issues.

The singer/actress said that she felt so ugly and was so very insecure of her body that she didn’t want to get out of bed. She also admitted that her mother and grandmother were both bulimics and she witnessed all that while growing up. It was a combination of issues for her as to how she became a bulimic and an anorexic.

In the case of bingeing, food bills go up, food is often hidden, empty wrappers are found in unlikely places, and food keeps disappearing from the pantry. — Lisa Ferentz LCSW-C, DAPA

But, Demi saw her life before her and realized that she has so much to live for. She didn’t want to waste it away pitying and hating herself. And so, Demi made the choice to become better. She sought help and is on her way to recovery. Demi is still struggling to live with her body issues day by day, but the thought of living gives her hope to not relapse and go back to her old bulimic/anorexic ways.


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Alexa Vega, as most of her childhood fans remember her, was in the “Spy Kids” movies, among many other 2000-ish Hollywood flicks. You could say that Alexa started her acting career at a very tender age and in a way, it contributed to her eating disorder.

She confessed that her battle with bulimia nervosa was scary which lasted for six years until she asked for therapy, assistance and support. A producer in one of her movies told her that she was “too fat” and it started Alexa’s downward spiral. (On a different note: What right adult mind would tell a teenager that she is “too fat”, right? If you are one of those people who have been bullied into believing that you are ugly, fat, and not good enough, don’t keep it bottled up inside. If these words mean so much to you and it affects you tremendously, then, ask for help from your loved ones on how you can feel better and dismiss those useless words. You can also contact an online therapist if you need someone to talk with anonymously.)

Moving forward, Alexa says now that there is no rule book or guide list for bulimia nervosa. The actress said that no one even knew she had the disorder. How could anyone see it? At that time, Alexa enjoyed throwing up and purging – and this is really what makes the disorder terrifying and deadly.


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Who doesn’t know the most popular Pussycat Doll? Nicole Scherzinger is a powerhouse performer and an X-Factor judge. By looking at her, you’ll never see a trace of mental issues or an eating disorder, at that. It was until recently that Nicole broke her silence and told everyone about her experience with bulimia nervosa.

Nicole suffered for eight years and while she performed with full smiles and lightning energy on stage, deep down inside, she was hating on herself. She called her condition a “horrible, paralyzing disease” and she was so ashamed of herself that she kept it from everyone. Her eating disorder became an addiction as she yearned for it day after day.

As she realized that bulimia nervosa was hurting her in all life aspects, Nicole is now very determined to love herself more and to never let any eating disorder destroy her again.

Fat people are told to diet, even though dieting is one of the strongest predictors for both development of eating disorders and weight gain. Isn’t it time we stopped prescribing behaviors to people at higher weights that are diagnosed as eating disorder symptoms in people at lower weights? — Alexis Conason Psy.D.

Lessons Learned about Bulimia Nervosa

The celebrities have all the money in the world and they are successful in their chosen careers. As for beauty, they have it too! So, what could be the reason why they’d hate their body image and suffer from bulimia nervosa? It just goes to show that this eating disorder is a plague that can poison anyone.

But like a poison, there is an antidote. The antidote is therapy. If you are suffering from bulimia nervosa or know someone who does, please seek appropriate help right away. You are never alone and there are people who understand what you are going through right now.