Getting Counseling For Bulimia? Improve Your Gut Health With These Organic Probiotics Too


When you receive counseling to treat bulimia, the counselor cannot possibly talk you out of it alone. They won’t give you assignments that merely focus on keeping you from not eating or vomiting your food, no. Such a mental health professional will also want you to realize the importance of consuming the right stuff so that your gut won’t suffer.

Bulimia nervosa afflicts approximately 4% of women and 0.5% of men in the US. Nearly 4% of those suffering from bulimia will die from the disease and nearly all struggling with the illness experience serious medical and/ or emotional effects. — Alexis Conason Psy.D.

In case you don’t know it, your intestines are responsible for producing good bacteria in the body. These are the microorganisms that fight viruses and other foreign entities that try to invade your system. You should ideally be able to obtain them by eating yogurt and preserved vegetables, which are full of live active culture. However, it’s not a secret that we sometimes go for foods that do not promote their growth since they tend to taste a bit sour.

To prevent the bad bacteria from taking over your system – and stopping you from combatting an eating disorder in a sense – you need to take probiotic supplements.

It also helps the client to understand that their urge derives from a complex psychobiological response that can be addressed through movement and nutrition. — Leslie E. Korn Ph.D., MPH, LMHC, ACS, NTP

4 Best Organic Probiotics

I understand from experience that it can be confusing to acquire the best organic products out there. Many supplements promise to improve your gut condition, but only a few of them can genuinely deliver. Nevertheless, that won’t be an issue anymore since you can now check out the finest options available in the market.


Garden Of Life Primal Defense ULTRA Ultimate Probiotic Formula

The Primal Defense ULTRA is cruelty- and gluten-free supplement that’s made by the Garden of Life.

What makes it qualified to become one of the best organic probiotics is the reason that it contains 13 strains of living microorganisms. Two of them are B. subtilis and S. boulardii, species that can propagate even in acidic states. Aside from that, you can find homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs) in the mix as well. These soil-based bacteria are rare because the pesticides that some farmers use can eliminate them from the earth where plants grow.

Each vegan capsule has 5 billion CFU. You will need to consume three pills daily, as per the company’s advice.

People who are purging tend to go to the bathroom immediately after eating, and use breath mints and bathroom spray to cover the odor of vomit. They get scarring on the finger they bite down on to do self-imposed vomiting and tend to develop dental problems as well. — Lisa Ferentz LCSW-C, DAPA

Ora Organic Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut has a fascinating combination of six probiotic strains and a prebiotic (Jerusalem Artichoke). Having the latter already included is remarkable because prebiotics is practically dietary fibers that the live active culture needs to feed on to survive. Even if you do not eat a lot of pineapples, berries, brown rice, and other fibrous foodstuffs, you know that they will flourish in your gut.

The rest of the plant-based ingredients found in this supplement have approvals from USDA. Aside from being non-GMO, it is safe to take as well for people who are allergic to soy, nuts, gluten or dairy.

Royal Organica Essential Probiotic

Royal Organica’s Essential Probiotic is easily among the best organic probiotics out there for having a total of 12 Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Bifidobacterium strains. The species generate no less than 20 billion CFU; that’s why there’s no doubt that you’ll get a nice supply of good bacteria by taking this supplement.

Inulin happens to be one of its ingredients. This prebiotic is known for staying in the large intestine without dissolving fast. The living microorganisms won’t then lack food as they grow inside the gut. The same allergens mentioned above are absent in the pullulan capsules too. There’s even L-glutamine as a bonus to help you build muscles.

BioSchwartz Advanced Strength Probiotic

You should also consider getting the Advanced Strength Probiotic by BioSchwartz. After all, this merchandise has the highest CFU (40 million) on this list. The fact that only four strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus make that happen is genuinely worth citing. The high colony count ensures that the supplement won’t lose its potency at all until the expiration date comes.

The product does not contain corn, soy, gluten, peanuts, dairy, shellfish, sugar, wheat, or egg. Thus, it is edible for individuals who show food sensitivity towards such ingredients.


To Wrap Things Up

Regardless of what product you settle on, the best organic probiotics will only work when you change your lifestyle. Eat smart, workout regularly, and quit habits that can turn the good bacteria in your system into bad ones. Not only will it allow you to enhance your gut health, but it may also speed up your treatments with the therapist.

At the end of the day, there is still no better substitute than therapy. If you feel uncomfortable with face-to-face counseling, you can opt for online platforms such as BetterHelp. These institutions often partner with reputable associations to provide accessible and affordable services.

Good luck!